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How Do I Get My Site Indexed in Google? “Social Signals” and Search Engine Optimization

Back in the day on the Web or around 1998 (LOL), Google was founded and web publishers (known as webmasters then) got wind that search engines would send visitors to their websites. Web professionals started a whole new field – … Continue reading

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Measuring Influencers

While many individuals and organizations are using social media (just look at 500 million users on Facebook), the question remains: Are we reaching the “right” people: those with influence in their community, or in policy making, or whatever our key … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Use Social Data

Social media encompasses a lot activity and conversation but how can you utilize that information to grow your audience? This article is written from a business angle, but it offers general guidance that would help the nonprofit community as well. … Continue reading

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WordPress Blogs and Mobile Devices

This came up as a question at Community Works: How can I translate my blog for mobile devices? Here are some tools for customizing/porting WordPress blogs to mobile devices. Note these are for websites that are installed on your … Continue reading

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Presentation for Community Works Workshop

Greetings to all who came out last night to Community Works, a great gathering of nonprofits in the Princeton area. I hope everyone learned a lot and had some fun! As promised I am linking to my presentation for the … Continue reading

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Social Media Users Sharing Real-time Professional Content

Mashable published this story about an ongoing web study by social media consultancy Trendstream that “suggests participation in the social web is shifting from a place to create personal content to a place to share professional content in real time.” … Continue reading

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Blogging & Microblogging Platforms

Two very easy to use blogging platforms include Posterous and Tumblr. Posterous allows users of GMAIL, Yahoo, AOL mail and Hotmail to send an email and post to their blog. Great for people who don’t want to fuss, they just … Continue reading

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