Blogging – The How and The Why

Online marketers and strategists agree that a blog is a fast, relatively easy and low-cost method to start or support (and expand!) a non-profit’s online presence. Americans of all ages are using the Internet for a large number of activities. (See Pew Internet & American Life chart, Generations Online. The audiences are online and they are looking for freshly updated, accurate information.

So how does one start blogging? Here’s some links from seasoned bloggers to help you get started.

Two Building Blocks of Successful Blocking – This post focuses on two foundational aspects of blogging — Find Your Purpose and Connect with Your Audience. Before the first mouse click, take time to think about purpose – what are you trying to achieve? who is your audience? what action do you want them to take? The second piece, is so critical to today’s audiences. They expect to comment and be heard. This is not one-way communication. Think through how and when you will interact with your audience.

Chris Brogan’s Best Advice About Blogging – Chris Brogan is a online consultant to Fortune 500 companies, helping them leverage social media, participate in online communities and related technologies. This post is a round-up of his best “how to” posts.

Chris Brogan’s A Simple Blogging Formula – Brogran (see above) describes blogging process in a few simple steps. Concise and focused posting.

Blog Basics – A really helpful list of articles on blogging, including avoiding pitfalls as well as signs you are on the right track.

Robin Good’s Master New Media – How to Create A Blog: A Beginner’s Blog Publishing Guide – A more basic approach that goes sequential through the process. You have to scroll past the ads to get to the content, but it is worth it.

For those who have some sort of blog, what are the next steps?

Build a Better Blog: Tips and Tricks for Creating a Professional Business Blog – Denise Wakeman, consultant, writes this blog is for those who have done the set up and started out of the gate. The new blogger then wants to learn about traffic, marketing, social media and business goals. These articles are helpful for the more advanced blogger.

Blogger burnout? – You may have started out “on fire” but now you are blowing at the embers. The essence of blogging is good content, especially clear and concise writing. Here’s some links on the creative/writing subject that may spur you to keep up with your blog.

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