How Do I Get My Site Indexed in Google? “Social Signals” and Search Engine Optimization

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Social media can help your SEO.

Back in the day on the Web or around 1998 (LOL), Google was founded and web publishers (known as webmasters then) got wind that search engines would send visitors to their websites. Web professionals started a whole new field – Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Both an art and a science, SEO is known to use methods to get a website indexed by Google and other search engines so that site would show up for users searching for keywords related to the site. And, web pros attest, they continue to tweak their sites to keep them showing up high in the results pages.


While most folks (not SEO or web pros) know that they want their site listed in Google (or Bing or maybe Yahoo! too), exactly how that happens, they don’t always know.

So here’s some thoughts for the layman: Suffice it to say that the Google algorithm for indexing pages is quite complex. Some things known to help Google indexing are keeping your site updated with good, relevant and fresh content (crucial!), acquiring in-bound links from other highly-ranked sites, and proper use of technical set-up, such as permalinks or stylesheets (H1, H2, H3 tags are important), and so on.

Fast forward to 2011 -you need to be using social media also BECAUSE how influential you are on Twitters matters to Google and Bing, too. What?

Read this article from SearchEngineLand (where people are SEO pros) and learn the impact of “social signals” on different search engines. What Social Signals Do Google & Bing Really Count? will open your eyes to another important reason to “go social.”

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4 Responses to How Do I Get My Site Indexed in Google? “Social Signals” and Search Engine Optimization

  1. Tara says:

    That was very informative. Love it.

  2. ldallara says:

    Great post ! I hope to learn more from you guys. I hope you go to Word Camp in August.

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