Targeting Your Social Media Efforts

Social Media LogosBecause most non-profit orgs and small business people have a limited personnel, and even more limited time for communications or web tasks, it is important to narrow and target your social media (SM) outreach. You might take a look at the social media landscape (see this informative blog post – Social Media Landscape 2011) and feel overwhelmed. The post does a great job of showing the evolution of SM and it is a comprehensive primer. But for the average Jane at a non-profit, she might feel dizzied by the number of social media sites and confused about where to start.

I recommend starting with three social media sites, the Big Gorillas, and then add from there. If one has limited time, doesn’t it make sense to focus on efforts that are going to give you the most payoff?

The big three are:

Facebook – Not only does Facebook have a huge audience (more than 500 million active users around the globe), those folks spend an enormous amount of time on Facebook (700 billion minutes per month on Facebook). If you are a stats freak, visit Facebook’s stats page. For those skeptics looking for independent numbers, see this Jan 2 article, Facebook tops list of most visited sites, which cites Experian Hitwise numbers.

YouTube – The audience for video is equally enormous. YouTube, now part of Google, exceeds 2 billion views per day, with 24 hours of video uploaded every minute, and it has been reported that seven in ten adult Internet users (69%) have used the Internet to watch or download video. That represents 52% of all adults in the United States. (see Digital Buzz Blog and Pew Internet & American Life study, State of Online Video.)

Twitter – Twitter’s user base is harder to measure, since Twitter reports “registered users” at 145 million but doesn’t say how many of those are “active,” e.g. they could be signed up but never sent a tweet (see blog post How Many People Are Actually Using Twitter?). But what we do have figures on is the amount of traffic that goes to Twitter, which is doubling yearly. The viral nature of Twitter and the fact that Google includes Tweets in its search results makes Twitter a valuable tool.

So I’ve explained why these are the Big Gorillas of social media from an audience view, in my next post, I will cover why I think these can benefit your org and how you can start small, yet leverage the power of these large social networks.


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