Search Engine Optimization – Common Mistakes

If you build it, they will come. — “Field of Dreams,” 1989

Search Engines produce the majority of traffic to your site or blog.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for your website, blog or other web content. The majority of a site’s traffic is a result of a user searching on a search engine — Google, Bing, Yahoo! — then clicking on a result. So, it make sense to know what you are doing that can either help or hurt your site’s search engine ranking.

I plan to come back to this subject again and again, because all website owners need to constantly focus on SEO or search engine optimization.

I love Search Engine Watch – it’s a great site by pros who know what they are doing.

This article by a friend of mine Simon Heseltine “Stop Making the 6 Biggest SEO Mistakes” outlines simple things – such as not naming your Home Page “Home” or using another “call to action” instead of “Click Here.” These items are totally in your control to change and they can make a world of difference in SEO.

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