Tips for eNewsletters

With all the abundance of social media, the effectiveness of the e-newsletter should not be overlooked. Continue reading

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Intro to Social Media for Non-Profits

I presented this workshop on social media at Volunteer Connect this morning. A great group of folks working in the non-profit arena in Mercer County, NJ and beyond. (Shout out to the Red Bank participant!)

I am sharing my slides to help non-profit volunteer coordinators learn about and better use social media tools.

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Princeton Community Works – Another Great Year!

Thanks to all who attended my session on advanced social media for non-profits at Princeton Community Works 2012! The setting is so great at Princeton University and the Princeton High School orchestra played so wonderfully.

To anyone who would like a digital copy of my slides, I have embedded them below. Feel free to share.

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Arab Spring Reflections

From the Meta-Activism Project, a blog post on the how social media helped shape the Arab Spring. MAP’s community members and advisors were asked to reflect on what the Continue reading

Posted in Social Media | Tagged | Leave a comment Sites Hit by DDos Attack experienced its largest attack ever, reported tech news site, Techcrunch, today.

The DDos (short form for Distributed Denial of Service) attack lead to disruptions for bloggers who host on the free service, (See this for explanation of DDos.) Continue reading

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Wired for Change – Conference on Internet Freedom

Protestors in Madison, WI. Photo credit: kenfagerdotcom on Flickr.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported that the Ford Foundation, which hosted a day long conference called “Wired for Change” to discuss Internet freedom and social change, is working hard “to sell the philanthropy world on the idea that the Internet is not just an accessory to help push social change but also an integral part of enacting that change.” (See full story, Ford Foundation Conference Sheds Light on Internet Freedom.)

Significant quote:

“We use the Internet and mobile technology to build society, and we take it for granted that the open Internet will always be in place,” said Brett Solomon, who runs Access, an organization that helps those in countries who are subject to censorship maintain Internet access.

The article is a good read. 🙂

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Twitter Lesson Learned

Here’s an amusing anecdote about the Red Cross and a Tweet sent in error. Someone meant to tweet from a personal account, but accidentally sent from the main @redcross account instead.

The Red Cross blog explains how the group cleared up confusion and came clean on the error. No harm, no foul. See Twitter Faux Pas.

Way to turn a slip up into a positive!

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